Five Channels: How Is Facebook Changing Its Ad Metrics?

Facebook seems to be making some major changes to its relevance indicators for ads. With their efforts in reshaping the way they measure the success of Facebook ads, it is important business entrepreneurs are aware of these changes so they can be prepared to be successful. Five Channels is committed to helping business owners stay in the know.

What Should Advertisers Know?

Advertising on Facebook is an important tool in the marketing arsenal of any small business owner. Those who are not advertising on social media sites are likely missing out on a huge potential for gaining customers. The following offers insight into some of the changes Facebook has been making regarding their ad campaigns. This is essential information that will help individuals to make the right decisions on ads and see success.

The relevance score was once all that mattered when it came to assessing the success of a Facebook campaign ad, but now, Facebook has added a lot of dimensions to this once single-dimensional aspect. In the beginning, Facebook lumped four factors together and they included the following.

  • The goal of the ad
  • The anticipated feedback of the ad
  • The audience definition
  • Ad relevance and its freshness rating

With the new metrics in place, it is clear that Facebook is working to make ad campaigns more effective for advertisers. Being aware of the new metrics is crucial for the outcome an advertiser is able to obtain.

New Metrics are in Place

There are now new Facebook metrics in place. Being fully aware of these metrics is important for advertisers of all types.

  • Quality ranking – Facebook is intent on making sure the quality of the ad is stellar. The perceived quality is measured against the competitors of the same type.
  • Engagement rate ranking – The ranking of the ad’s expected engagement level is compared with ads of the same type. This is an important comparison to understand when creating a Facebook ad.
  • Conversion rate ranking – Anticipated rate is measured against other ads placed on Facebook. This comparison is telling.

Now that you know about the changes, you can use this information to your advantage. Get started creating new Facebook ads today to ensure you get the best results.